Thursday, June 7, 2012

knock knock....

It’s been a long time.  I have some super exciting news and a whole lot of show dates for this summer/fall.  Hold onto your hats!!

It’s City Flea time again…my most favorite time of the year.  Talk about a really well put together show! And my mouth is watering thinking about all the delish things to eat.  I’ve been a busy little bee, and have some wonderful new creations that will be for sale Saturday.  For more information regarding the City Flea and for some other good reading hit up their site.  Here
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More awesomely exciting news:  I will have a piece that will be exhibited and put up for auction at the Cincinnati Museum Center on June 21 from 6-9.

Over Spring Break, my son and I went to the Pompeii Exhibit already knowing that there was a Juried Art Show associated with the exhibit.  We were up for the challenge.  Originally, we expected to make full body casts of ourselves for the submission pieces.  I even went ahead and purchased 50 pounds of casting supplies before actually seeing the exhibit.  Well, I definitely was in for a surprise when going through the exhibit and seeing all of the beautiful art work that has survived such tragedy. It was apparent almost instantly that I was going to scratch the full body cast and go another route for my submission piece.  The works were complete…they submissions were in…just had to wait for the list of the top 25 pieces to be announced.  It was really no surprise to me that my son’s piece “Bird” was accepted.  I was so proud.  So very proud to have  his work selected and grouped together with such other talented artists. Just. So. Proud.

Shortly after done celebrating with my son, I look in my email … “Hi Tracy- thank you for submitting your piece to the Pompeii Art Show. Congratulations, your piece Artifact has been chosen in the top 25 and will be on display during the show on Thursday, June 21 at Cincinnati Museum Center!”
Wow o wow, cloud 9- here I come. 

If you have not seen the A Day in Pompeii exhibit yet…do it.!  Better yet, come out on June 21st enjoy a beverage, appetizers, good art and walk through the exhibit.  I cannot wait to see the other 23 pieces of art and walk through the exhibit again.  Both mine, Max’s and the other 23 pieces of art will be in the silent auction.  All the pieces at the show will be voted on by the guests for the “best of show”  The top three best of show works will be made into limited-edition posters that will be signed by the artists and sold in the Museum Center gift shop.  This all has just been such an exciting adventure.
You can purchase tickets to the event here: Art Show Tickets
More information on the Day in Pompeii Art Show: Information on Art Show

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